I’ve been living in my studio apartment for about a month and a half now and things have been going ok. It isn’t a huge amount of space, but its enough for one person and I have plenty of privacy for which I’m extremely grateful.

However, there has been one thing that’s been bugging me non stop since I moved in and that’s the fact that somewhere nearby an alarm goes off, often for several minutes at a time, all day long, every day.

It’s been driving me crazy.

Up until now I had assumed it was a car alarm. I mean, it sounded like a car alarm. It went off after several minutes like a car alarm. And it was insanely annoying. Just like a car alarm.

Today I found out that, in fact, it was not a car alarm. No. Worse. It’s the parking garage across the street.

Apparently, every time a car comes up from the sub-level garage, the alarm goes off to warn passing motorists that a car is about to enter traffic………………

…..Um, WHAT?

My landlord told me that she thinks there is a city ordinance that requires parking garages to warn passing motorists when a car is about leave the drive and enter the street. I simply cannot believe that can possibly be true.

What moron could possibly come up with such an asinine suggestion, and then pass it into law?

What about the 500+ residents living within earshot of this atrocity? What? They just have to suffer day after day listening to this?! I just can’t believe its true.

I asked her to investigate.  I’ll keep you updated on the results.