What can I say? It’s a crazy experience.

Many of the smaller stores really don’t have anything in English.  Which doesn’t exactly make it easy.

I did discover Carrefour here which I was so excited to see when I first moved. I first encountered Carrefour in Poland and felt sure it could meet all my needs. And for the most part it has. It’s like a Meijer store  back in Michigan, has a little bit of everything.

The Carrefour I go to, off Zhishan MRT isn’t too bad. They have a very large selection of ready-made foods that boggle the mind. Next time I go I will try to snap some pictures, because honestly, I still don’t know what most of this stuff is. Some of it looks really  crazy and I can’t decide if it’s some kind of exotic seafood, or something that comes from a part of a cow or pig that I have never wanted to see, let alone eat.

Their fresh seafood and meat selection is quite large with basically entire de-feathered ducks sitting around waiting to be bought.  Also fish heads and pig feet to name some of the more unusual selections. Of course they have the regular stuff too, though I haven’t seen any turkey yet. At least…I don’t think I have. Tough to tell when you can’t read Mandarin. Carrefour loses major points for having basically nothing in English.

Now that I’ve been to the Carrefour off of Xiaonanmen MRT I have to say I do think its better. Their vinegar selection is better and they have delectable  skinned frogs completely intact  for the discerning frog lover.

All this is before I discovered Wellcome Market. With its charmingly misspelled name and penchant for  being located in odd places, I hadn’t wandered into one before. Now its one of my favorite local groceries. Nearly everything has an English label. What more  can a hungry girl ask for?

In two visits I learned so much about the local veggies and tofu that I had never known  before it was amazing! Some of them even have  salsa, though sadly, not the one by my place.

There are a few other groceries, Sogo which is very pricey but has a decent selection, and a couple smaller local places with decent selections but non-English names. I’ll spare you the details.

Finally, there’s Costco. There are a few of them around. None by me though, and none even close to any MRT stations. Just typical for them to be inconvenient like that. I went to one once and all the Americans I’ve met swear by them, but, well…its Costco for crying aloud. Do I really need to pay a store to sell me a six month’s supply of something I don’t need and which I’m not sure I even want? The jury is still out on that one.