Teaching kids is tough, but my sister is right. It is more rewarding. Young kids, I mean. Teaching young kids is rewarding. The little monsters I normally teach don’t give me a sense of accomplishment at all.

For the next couple of weeks I’m subbing for a kindergarten class and I must admit, I like those kids a lot better than I do my older kids and the adults that I teach.

I never thought I’d hear myself saying such a thing.

I think this qualifies as stepping outside of my comfort zone since I’m so far out that my comfort zone has disappeared from view.

Today, on top of the subbing that I’m doing, I also started my very own preschool class. It’s only for fifty minutes a couple of times a week but it should be an interesting experience.

There were a few tense moments at the beginning of class with one kid bawling his eyes out and a second looking right on the verge of doing the same. We let the kid’s mom stay for part of the class and by the end he even managed to crack a smile.  A success if I do say so myself.

The rest of the parents nervously crowded around the window to the classroom for the entire time. Every time I happened to glance up, I could see eyes peering in at me through the tinted glass but hey, I don’t blame them. These kids are pretty young. I think one is three and the rest of them are about four.

After the tears were dried we learned how to tell each other our names, and what stand up and sit down meant along with a few other choice words. At the end of class we learned how to line up, and follow teacher.

My teacher’s aide was pretty helpful and helped explain things to the kids to get the ball rolling. All in all, it went off without a hitch.

I’m shaking my head over the fact that I’m even writing this post. I just never ever thought I’d be teaching kids this young. And enjoying it. I bet people who know me are getting a good laugh out of this, and I must admit, I am too.