Well, I’ve finally gotten a chance to  bike around Taipei using some of their awesome biking trails this past weekend.

I went with a group of people, and because Taipei is awesome like that, we were able to rent bikes for pretty cheap.

Taipei has at least nine different biking trails that follow the rivers in and around Taipei, as well as several biking trails going through the city directly.

You can take a look at the map here:map of bicycle paths in Taipei City

Cycling is extremely popular in Taiwan these days and I can’t wait to buy my own mountain bike so I can partake in all the fun. There are tons near Taipei, and Taiwan itself is systematically linking and opening up extended biking trails all around the island. 

My group and I biked from the very end of the green MRT line in the south, at Xindian, to Danshui, the very end of the red line in the north.  Initially we were going to stop in Guandu to take a look at the famous Guandu Temple and Nature Area, but we had to return our bikes at specific locations. Once we got up to Bali I think most of us were pretty beat and we never did  make it back to the temple. That part was slightly disappointing…but on the other hand, as a result, a few of us hung around Danshui and were able to see one of the nicest sunsets I’ve seen since coming to Taipei along the river.

All in all the bike trip was about 20 miles in total. Not bad for one day….I wasn’t even sore the next day.

We stopped a couple of times along the way. You can see the  bridge where we first headed out, one of our resting points where we all posed for a group picture, and the temple we never quite got a  chance to explore as well as some photographs of the sunset. I swear if it weren’t for a building or two interrupting the view one of these pictures looks like it comes straight out of Mordor.

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The bike trail followed the river from one end of town to the other. There were some not so pretty areas, and some  beautiful areas, but of course, that’s normal. We saw a lot of stray dogs too, which is a known problem in Taipei. They  tend to run around in feral packs and hang out by the river. Thankfully none bothered us and I’ve heard that the city is trying to take care of the problem but there are still way too many around.

We also saw some locals having a KTV (karaoke for the uninformed) party under the bridge near the river. If isn’t random then I don’t know what is.

I can’t wait to go biking along the major coastal trails, and see what there is to see.