Today, I finally had my first chance to really utilize the CouchSurfing website. I tried using it before when I traveled in Europe but it never quite worked out.

I haven’t used the site much in recent months but lately I’ve gotten a few emails so I shot off some replies. I’m not really adventurous enough to have someone stay over at my place (nor do I particularly want anyone there), or to stay at anyone else’s (I guess years of terror tactics by the media and stranger danger in the US have drilled themselves into my brain), but I did put myself down for going around town or meeting up for coffee.

So I met a guy today who is an English teacher from Korea. He is in town to see if he can find a job, basically, and relocate.

I gave him some tips and we chatted for a couple hours over some mediocre Sushi Express. Later on we went up the MRT line and checked out the Confucious Temple and another nearby Taoist Temple. Neither of which I had even known were there.

They were cool and I’m glad I had a chance to go see them. I didn’t really have anything fun planned for my Tuesday and it was a totally random and spur of the moment sort of thing.

As for the guy himself? Well…

He seemed nice enough and a decent conversationalist but then he got excited when I told  him Taipei had a good party scene because he was basically looking for a job where he could work a little, party a lot, and could meet some Asian chicks to date.  Rock on with your bad self, I guess.

It was an interesting conversation otherwise. I learned a few things about Korea I didn’t know before and, over all, nothing that dissuaded me from thinking about going there in the future.

Check out the pictures of the temples  below (I threw in a couple from the night market I went to recently too):

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