I have to give Taiwan some credit for their huge efforts in recycling. They have recycle bins at ever metro station, and all residents must buy blue  trash bags for their trash.

I’ve been told if you recycle its free, but it costs you money to throw things away. Great idea. The States should adopt this, but they never will because that would require people to get off their lazy asses an idea that no one seems to support.

My school recycles paper and other things including dry erase markers.

In Taipei, trash pick up occurs around nine p.m. when the garbage trucks roll through town playing classical music melodies like Fur Elise over the loud-speaker. At this point everyone has to run out with their bags of trash and throw them onto the moving garbage trucks. I’d give you more details, but instead I’m going to highly recommend you read this article that is much, much better written than anything I can hope to write, and can give you a great description of the trash disposal system at work here.

I’ve yet to actually participate in the trash disposal system here since the management  company that I rent from handles it themselves. Which is great. I was less than enthused to learn I might have to wait outside with  bags of trash each night to get rid of my trash and recycling. Though sometimes I am kind of sorry to miss out on the experience since this is something that is extremely unique in my opinion. But not sorry enough to actually go do it on my own.

And I’ll just go ahead and leave you with that lovely thought right before Christmas.