Well it’s that time of the week again and where I get to thrill you with my wild and woolly Taiwanese adventures.

Last week saw the start of our winter semester break at school. Basically, the kids get three weeks off from their regular school for Chinese New Year, and since their parents don’t have anything else to do with them they get put into winter break school. Poor kids.

Anyway, we went on a field trip to the Miniatures Museum which I initially thought would be  quite boring but actually it was pretty interesting.

They had every scene you could imagine from Barbie’s family tree to traditional Chinese dolls, to robots, cars and even a mini TV smaller than a stamp that actually worked. I could kick myself for missing that part too. Somehow that was the one part of the museum I didn’t pay any attention to and didn’t even realize what I had missed until I read the brochure after we had left.

The pictures are posted  below. Some are of my students fooling around for my camera, and you’ll notice that some of them are somewhat blurry. Unfortunately my camera takes horrible pictures in dim lighting and we weren’t allowed to use  flash.

I hope you enjoy and I’ll update again fairly soon. I’ve been busy running around doing all sorts of things this week so that’s why this post is so late. On the upside that means within the next few weeks I’ll probably be posting a little more than normal.

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