After the crowds during CNY I just didn’t have the heart to deal with going to the PingXi Lantern Festival. And as the linked account shows I didn’t miss much. Or maybe I should say I missed too much but being trampled to death is something I can live without.

Instead, I went to the Taipei Lantern show which probably wasn’t as impressive, but was certainly fun, and had tons of great statues all lit up in the dark. They had an impressive dragon display along with a light and water show that was pretty cool.

It was crowded but that’s to be expected. The metro was very busy and the city had cops directing traffic both inside the metro station itself and out on the streets.  That was a little amusing. I  can’t say as I’ve ever seen a cop, complete with whistle and baton, directing traffic inside the metro before.

The festival was full of  long displays including one showcasing the local school competition for best statue and the results were truly impressive. So impressive, in fact, that there were many people  commenting that it couldn’t possibly have been elementary school aged kids that put these statues together.  What can I say? I guess teachers are competitive too.

The main event consisted of a light show near a fountain in front of a very big dragon. That happened every half hour and the funniest part was standing in the back and watching the thousands of lights from everyone’s digital cameras. My friend was the one that pointed it out to me and after he did, I have to admit it was pretty funny seeing several thousand cameras all reflecting the same thing.  In the old days we used lighters at concerts, but now its cameras everywhere. Funny how things change.

The pictures are posted below, along with some additional ones I took wandering around the city that night with a friend showing some weekend street performers and a very nice bird’s-eye view of the city.

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