That’s where I’m going this weekend.

I’m steeling my nerves because I think this will be the first time I have traveled completely on my own to experience the countryside in Taiwan. I’m a little nervous.

Not  because of crime or anything. Taiwan in  general is pretty safe and people are very helpful, but its scary to be completely on my own when I can’t speak the language at all.

But  just look at these pictures or these.  Pretty cool, right?

I had an epiphany of sorts over the last couple of days, mostly about what my experience in Taiwan has been, my expectations, and what I need to  do to meet them.  Taking this trip on my own is, I think, a big part of that. Besides, this is a good practice run for when (not if) I get the chance to do a major southeast Asia  tour, because living abroad on my own is most emphatically not the same thing as traveling abroad on my own.

So wish me luck cuz the trains tickets are  booked, the hostel is booked and I’m ready to go. Hopefully the next post you’ll be reading will be about my awesome hiking trip to Taroko Gorge.