You know what’s tough? Being a blonde in Taipei.

A fake one, I mean.

It’s hard finding light blonde hair dye.

On the shelves you can find any shade of black or brown your heart desires. Even red is easy to find. But blonde. Well. That’s another story.

I’ve found some dark blonde colors that are darker than my natural hair. And I’ve found some “blonde” dyes that are anything but.

I’ve been in a couple of salons. They have blonde. At unnaturally high prices, of course. And their idea of blonde is either platinum, white, or a cheap floozy looking peroxide.

No thank you.

Finally, a friend helped me dye my hair with some extra peroxide she had on hand. That wasn’t too bad, but the blonde was a bit lighter than what I would have liked.

Then one day, not far from where I live, I found a couple of boxes of actual blonde.  After wiping off  two inches of dust, I bought a couple, even though both were slightly questionable shades.

My first experiment in January resulted in the crappiest looking blonde you’ve ever seen. It changed the shade of  my natural color and that’s about it.

The  good news was that the kids at school stopped saying things like “Teacher! Why is your hair black there?” while pointing at my roots.  Ahhh, those were fun times.

The dye resulted not in raves of how wonderful my hair looked but in comments like “Uhhh, why is your hair two different colors?”

This time around has been a little better. Though the box showed a dubious neon looking blonde I decided to go with it and hope for the best.  It looks OK I think. Except for the parts of my hair that now look gray.

I’m just  gonna close my eyes and pretend I can’t see it.