This is quick post but I must share.

Of all the things that happened in the Philippeans, and for a four day weekend there were tons, perhaps the one most shocking moment went as follows.

As soon as we got there, my friends told me to make sure I always locked the cab doors and not make eye contact with people outside when I road around. 

Naturally, I had to ask. 

Just trust me, she says. People will try to sell you anything from brooms to flowers to shoes. Make sure your door is locked. And don’t make eye contact!!!

So of course the first thing I forgot to do was not make eye contact. And sure enough. Some people approached the cab and tried to sell us stuff. Pretty much anytime we went anywhere.

The worst incident though happened when I wasn’t making eye contact at all.

I heard a banging outside my door and glanced out the window. 

Didn’t see anything for a moment. Then I looked down.

And there was a little boy, not more than two and half or three years old banging away on the door begging for money. He didn’t even look up, just kept banging and banging the entire time we were stopped in traffic.

It bought to mind an old Dave Chappelle stand up story that he used to tell about getting taken to the ghetto by surprise at three in the morning and seeing a baby on the corner selling crack. And the story is funny of course and naturally an exaggeration. How could it not be?

But, I guess some things aren’t such an exaggeration after all.